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Billing for Insurance Plans

Monthly Invoice: Review and Remit

Please review the premiums and enrollment status of each of the participating employees on the monthly invoice which reflects enrollment in any and all of the four insurance plans that are available through the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA):

  • Health
  • LTD
  • Life/AD&D
  • Dental

Remit payment only (no changes) with stub to the address on your invoice:

UUA Insurance Plans
PO Box 843096
Boston, MA 02284-3096

Questions? Changes?

Questions regarding which payments posted? Contact the toll-free number on the invoice (877) 578-8705 to reach the billing service.

Employees had changes to income or enrollment?

Invoices indicate the month of coverage being billed. The invoice for January's coverage is mailed mid-December, and the month of coverage being billed is indicated as a header above the employee name(s). If changes to income or coverage were submitted, the invoice will indicate each prior month's change, if applicable. Contact with questions about changes you've submitted.

Logo for UUA Health Plan.
Rev. Bill Sinkford speaking at All Souls Church, MLK day interfaith worship.
Barbara and Bill Hamilton-Holway at Service of Living Tradition.