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Southern, Central and New England Regions APF

Important Dates For Implementing the new APF:

  • The UUA's Fiscal Year 2019 runs 7/1/2018-6/30/2019.
  • January: Information Packets sent out to all congregations moving to the new APF
  • Mid-January: Anticipated Ask Letters sent out to all congregations in these regions
  • Thursday, February 1 2018: The annual Certification of Membership ends. The figures reported at this time will be used to calculate your request for support for our Fiscal Year 2020 (which starts 7/1/2019).
  • Thursday February 15, 2018: We ask that if you need to amend your 2017 Certification of Membership figures (used to generate the Fiscal Year 2019 request for support), you reach out to us by this date so your 2019 Pledge Form is as accurate as possible. 
  • March 2018: Fiscal Year 2019 Pledge Forms sent via mail to ALL congregations
  • June 20-24: General Assembly in Kansas City, Missouri. Congregations who have contributed the full 2018 Pledge request will be recognized as Honor Congregations!
  • June 30, 2018: Last day of the UUA's 2018 Fiscal Year. Please be sure to communicate with our office if your congregation will not be able to complete your pledge by this date.

APF Formula

What is APF? Find all the basic information about the Annual Program Fund including how the new formula will workhow we got here or how to calculate your operating expenditures.

How to Talk about APF

Learn more about how to talk about APF with your congregation with sample newsletter text.

Congregation Recognition

Congregations giving to the Annual Program Fund (APF) are recognized and affirmed by a variety of methods, including the designation of "Honor Congregation." See the 2016 Honor Congregation list and read more about recognition categories. You can also   request a confirmation to find out if your congregation has Honor status.

How We Benefit

Why do congregations give? What do we “get” for our support of the Annual Program Fund? Learn more about how the Annual Program Fund benefits us all.

Learning Opportunities

Participate in Webinars and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  We have many opportunities for discussions coming up in January. Take your pick of Webinars, Zoom chats, email or phone calls.

Contact Your APF Team

Email, phone or video chat - we are here for you!

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