Monthly Annual Program Fund and GIFT Contributions from Member Congregations
District and Regional Funding from the Annual Program Fund (APF)
Giving & Generosity, Annual Program Fund

The Unitarian Universalist Association redistributes a portion of the total Annual Program Fund (APF) and Generously Investing for Tomorrow (GIFT) contributions in the form direct grants.

How Is District and Region Grant Funding Calculated?

  • The basic grant is 11% of the District or Region's percentage of the request attained, up to 100%, times the total amount the district or region contributed to the Association in Fiscal Year 2016.
  • $500 is given when 75-89% of  member congregations are Honor Congregations and/or if 75-89% of the full ask dollar amount is raised.
  •  $2,500  is given when 90% or more of  member congregations are Honor Congregations and/or if 90% or more of the full dollar amount is raised.
  •  $2,500 is given when all congregations in the district or region are Honor.

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