How to Talk About the Annual Program Fund (APF)

How We Talk about the Annual Program Fund (APF) Matters

On this page you will find all the resources you need to talk with your congregation about APF. Download copies of APF posters and postcards from General Assembly 2015 and get a high-quality version of the APF logo to use. You can also find sample text for newsletters that you can copy and paste.

Sample Newsletter or Order of Service APF Blurb:

Why Does Our Congregation Support the APF?

Every congregation in our Association is asked to contribute to the Annual Program Fund (GIFT in the Southern Region). Our principles and purposes close with this promise: “As free congregations we enter into…covenant, promising to one another our mutual trust and support.” APF makes that covenantal promise real. We give so that our spirits will be enriched by the practice of generosity in community, and so that Unitarian Universalism will flourish.

When we support APF, we are supporting all of the congregations in our Association, not simply our own. We give so that all of our congregations are positioned to transform their communities, so that our religious leaders can innovate and inspire, and so that our collective voice can be amplified to bring more love and more justice to life. Together, we amplify the best of Unitarian Universalism. Only together can we transform the world.

Our understanding of APF cannot simply be transactional; it must be grounded in a fundamental identity of who we are as Unitarian Universalists: grateful, generous, and in right relationship with each other and the Association. All 1,041 congregations in our Association are uplifted by our generous support of APF! Read more about the Annual Program Fund which provides the majority of funding for our UUA or email

APF Logo for Congregational Use

Download high-quality versions for the APF logo to share with your congregation here.

APF Posters and Postcards

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Download the Annual Program Fund poster to share with your congregation.

Amplifying Leadership

Download this amplifying leadership postcard, and all the other APF postcards.