About the Annual Program Fund: Congregational Contributions to the UUA
About the Annual Program Fund: Congregational Contributions to the UUA
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APF: Amplifying Unitarian Universalism

Your support of the Annual Program Fund (APF) makes transformation possible in all of our congregations. You help our religious leaders innovate and inspire. You strengthen our collective voice. You bring more justice and love to the world.

Together, we amplify the best of Unitarian Universalism.

APF is Changing!

Southern, Central East and New England Regions

As of July 2018 (start of our Fiscal Year 2019), the Southern Region, the Central East Region, and the New England Region has shifted to the new Annual Program Fund. Visit Southern, Central and New England Region APF for information about how the program works, and resources for communicating these changes.

Pacific Western and the MidAmerica Regions

Congregations in the Pacific Western Region and the MidAmerica Region have seen Fiscal Year 2019 bring about a change in HOW congregations are asked to pledge and fulfill support of the UUA and their Region or District. Beginning in July 2019 (start of our Fiscal Year 2020) all congregations in the Pacific Western and MidAmerica regions will be shifting to the NEW Annual Program Fund. Visit the Pacific Western and MidAmerica Region APF for everything you need to know.

Learn more about the UUA Annual Program Fund.

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