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UU World magazine includes a pull-out, full color section of timely and engaging faith-building activities to share at home. The Families section is edited by Susan Lawrence, Managing Editor of the UUA Lifespan Faith Engagement Office. 

Use the links below to download a complete four-page Families section (PDF) from our archives.

  • Summer 2020Rooted and Ready to Rise
    Story: Amrita's Tree
    Parent Reflection: Give and Take, with Trees
  • Spring 2020The Power of the Wind
    Story: Feathers in the Wind
    Parent Reflection: The Wind in Both Ears, by Gail Forsyth-Vail
  • Winter 2019A Time to Reclaim
    Story: Indigenous People: We Are Still Here, by Rev. Danielle DiBona
    Parent Reflection: Un-learning about "Indians" Together
  • Fall 2019: What Are Miracles?
    Story: How Brigit Got Lands for the Poor
    Parent Reflection: What Do We Make of the World's Wonders?
  • Summer 2019The Power of We
    Story: Let's Not Be Lunch! Fox and the Geese
    Parent Reflection: Penguins Have the Power of We, by Rev. Marisol Caballero
  • Spring 2019Making It Right
    Story: The Answer Is in Your Hands
    Parent Reflection: How to Teach a Good Apology
  • Winter 2018: Aging Is for Everyone
    Story: In Lakshmi's Kitchen
    Parent Reflection: Our Our Grand-Generational Gifts, by Rev. Pat Hoertdoerfer
  • Fall 2018More Than Winning
    Story: Crossing the Finish Line Together
    Parent Reflection: Sports Practice, Spiritual Practice
  • Winter 2016: Making a Name for Yourself
    Story: The Red Bud Tree
    Parent Reflection: Ten Thousand Baby Names, by Kathleen McTigue
  • Fall 2016: A Vote Is a Way to Have a Say
    Story: Leader of the Birds
    Parent Reflection: Democracy is Messy. Take Your Kids to the Polls.
  • Summer 2016: Gender on the Agenda
    Story: What's in a Name?
    Parent Reflection: The Son He Never Had, by Melanie Davis
  • Spring 2016: How Humor Helps
    Story: Clowning for Joy in Haiti, by Sarah Liane Foster
    Parent Reflection: Powerful Stuff—Use with Caution! by Erik Wikstrom
  • Winter 2015: Money Talks
    Story: Know Yourself
    Parent Reflection: Making Money Choices
  • Fall 2015: Partners Reach Out with Respect
    Story: Interfaith 'Ohana: A Hawaiian Story
    Parent Reflection: In Every Season, Partnership, by Eric Cherry
  • Summer 2015: The Whole World in Our Hands (Climate Change)
    Story: Green Like the Wind, by Julie Simon
    Parent Reflection: The Web of Life: Helping Children to Know Our Place
  • Spring 2015Selma, 1965
    Story: When We Get Our Freedom
    Parent Reflection: The Williams Family, Then and Now 
  • Winter 2014: Stop! In the Name of Love
    Story: Brave Love, by Pam Kennedy
    Parent Reflection: Return to the Source: Our Principles, by Nora Rasman
  • Fall 2014: Geology: The Study of Wondrous Transformations
    Story: A Rock Can Tell You a Story
    Parent Reflection: Raised UU... and Geologist, by Charlotte Lehmann
  • Summer 2014: Feeling Good in Your Body
    Story: Every Body Is Beautiful, by Melanie J. Davis
    Parent Reflection: A Beautiful Body, from a blog by Kiyah Duffey
  • Spring 2014Travel and Transformation
    Story: An American in Ghana, by Erik Mohn
    Parent Reflection: Mother/Daughter Road Trip, by Rev. Suzelle Lynch and Grace HaeLan Lynch Kim
  • Winter 2013: Hope
    Story: Pandora's Jar
    Parent Reflection: Milma Lappala, by Gail Forsyth-Vail
  • Fall 2013: Unitarians, Children, and Books
    Story: A Heavenly Place to Read, by Andrea Greenwood
    Parent Reflection: Reading with Children: An Act of Faith, by Pat Kahn
  • Summer 2013: Sacred Spaces We Create
    Story: Yoga in the Right Place, by Darcey Laine
    Parent Reflection: Making Our Own Sacred Places, by Jessica York
  • Spring 2013: Sacred Rest: The Beauty and Purpose of the Dark
    Story: God Is Like Darkness, by Mary Ann Moore
    Parent Reflection: Make the Dark Your Friend
  • Winter 2012: Courage! Look in Your Heart
    Story: The Farmer on the Hill
    Parent Reflection: Find and Share the Courage of Your Convictions
  • Fall 2012: All God's Crittters... Even the Bat
    Story: Why Bat Has No Friends
    Parent Reflection: Teach Not Revulsion. Instead, Teach Wonder.
  • Summer 2012: Standing with Families, on the Side of Love
    Story: Separated by a Border
    Parent Reflection: Two Families, One Story
  • Spring 2012Animals and Us: Companionship, Caring, and Compassion
    Story: Beatrix Potter
    Parent Reflection: Let Animals Help Us Share Our Parting Gifts, by Pat Kahn
  • Winter 2011Resilient Together in Tough Times
    Story: The Fowler and the Quail
    Parent Reflection: Talking about Money Problems
  • Fall 2011: The Power of Presence
    Story: A Riddle for Ralph Waldo Emerson—Give Love
    Parent Reflection: The Power of Presence
  • Summer 2011: Ten Years after 9/11, Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and Interfaith Work
    Story: Building Bridges, Breaking Down Walls—First UU of Columbus, Ohio
    Parent Reflection: Ten Years Ago, Before I Was a Mother, by Susan Dana Lawrence
  • Spring 2011: Living in Good Faith...with Technology
    Story: The Children and the Frogs
    Parent Reflection: Are We the Loneliest Nation on Earth?
  • Winter 2010: Empowering UU Kids to Understand, Care, and Act
    Story: The Change the World Kids
    Parent Reflection: A Parent's Loving Choices Nurture a Child's Loving Power
  • Fall 2010: O, Sparkling Web of Difference!
    Story: Indra's Web
    Parent Reflection: Beloved Community, A Dazzling Vision, by Marla Scharf
  • Summer 2010: Water, Stewardship, and Justice
    Story: Pete Seeger and The Clearwater
    Parent Reflection: Meditation on Water
  • Spring 2010: Recycle and Regenerate
    Story: Clara Barton—Resourceful Faith in Action
    Parent Reflection: Worms and Religious Education, by Gail Forsyth-Vail
  • Winter 2009: Harvest the Wisdom of Our UU Sources
    Story: Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom
    Parent Reflection: Gandhi's Truth
  • Fall 2009: Make Room to Be Together in Awe, Wonder and Spirit
    Story: For the Love of Stars: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
    Parent Reflection: A Private History of Awe

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