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From 2009 to 2021, the quarterly UU World print magazine included a pull-out, full color section of timely, engaging faith-building activities to share at home. Use the links below to explore the series and download each complete Families section (PDF, four pages). The Families section was edited by Susan Dana Lawrence of the UUA Lifespan Faith Engagement Office and designed by Ann Casady.

  • Winter 2016 (PDF, 4 pages): Making a Name for Yourself
    Story: The Red Bud Tree
    Parent Reflection: Ten Thousand Baby Names, by Kathleen McTigue
  • Fall 2016 (PDF, 4 pages): A Vote Is a Way to Have a Say
    Story: Leader of the Birds
    Parent Reflection: Democracy is Messy. Take Your Kids to the Polls.
  • Summer 2016 (PDF, 4 pages): Gender on the Agenda
    Story: What's in a Name?
    Parent Reflection: The Son He Never Had, by Melanie Davis
  • Spring 2016 (PDF, 4 pages): How Humor Helps
    Story: Clowning for Joy in Haiti, by Sarah Liane Foster
    Parent Reflection: Powerful Stuff—Use with Caution! by Erik Wikstrom
  • Winter 2015 (PDF, 4 pages): Money Talks
    Story: Know Yourself
    Parent Reflection: Making Money Choices
  • Fall 2015 (PDF, 4 pages): Partners Reach Out with Respect
    Story: Interfaith 'Ohana: A Hawaiian Story
    Parent Reflection: In Every Season, Partnership, by Eric Cherry
  • Summer 2015 (PDF, 4 pages): The Whole World in Our Hands (Climate Change)
    Story: Green Like the Wind, by Julie Simon
    Parent Reflection: The Web of Life: Helping Children to Know Our Place
  • Spring 2015 (PDF, 4 pages)Selma, 1965
    Story: When We Get Our Freedom
    Parent Reflection: The Williams Family, Then and Now
  • Winter 2014 (PDF, 4 pages): Stop! In the Name of Love
    Story: Brave Love, by Pam Kennedy
    Parent Reflection: Return to the Source: Our Principles, by Nora Rasman
  • Fall 2014 (PDF, 3 pages): Geology: The Study of Wondrous Transformations
    Story: A Rock Can Tell You a Story
    Parent Reflection: Raised UU... and Geologist, by Charlotte Lehmann
  • Summer 2014 (PDF, 4 pages): Feeling Good in Your Body
    Story: Every Body Is Beautiful, by Melanie J. Davis
    Parent Reflection: A Beautiful Body, from a blog by Kiyah Duffey
  • Spring 2014 (PDF, 4 pages)Travel and Transformation
    Story: An American in Ghana, by Erik Mohn
    Parent Reflection: Mother/Daughter Road Trip, by Rev. Suzelle Lynch and Grace HaeLan Lynch Kim
  • Winter 2013 (PDF, 4 pages): Hope
    Story: Pandora's Jar
    Parent Reflection: Milma Lappala, by Gail Forsyth-Vail
  • Fall 2013 (PDF, 4 pages): Unitarians, Children, and Books
    Story: A Heavenly Place to Read, by Andrea Greenwood
    Parent Reflection: Reading with Children: An Act of Faith, by Pat Kahn
  • Summer 2013 (PDF, 4 pages): Sacred Spaces We Create
    Story: Yoga in the Right Place, by Darcey Laine
    Parent Reflection: Making Our Own Sacred Places, by Jessica York
  • Spring 2013 (PDF, 4 pages): Sacred Rest: The Beauty and Purpose of the Dark
    Story: God Is Like Darkness, by Mary Ann Moore
    Parent Reflection: Make the Dark Your Friend
  • Winter 2012 (PDF, 4 pages): Courage! Look in Your Heart
    Story: The Farmer on the Hill
    Parent Reflection: Find and Share the Courage of Your Convictions
  • Fall 2012 (PDF, 4 pages): All God's Crittters... Even the Bat
    Story: Why Bat Has No Friends
    Parent Reflection: Teach Not Revulsion. Instead, Teach Wonder.
  • Summer 2012 (PDF, 4 pages): Standing with Families, on the Side of Love
    Story: Separated by a Border
    Parent Reflection: Two Families, One Story
  • Spring 2012 (PDF, 4 pages)Animals and Us: Companionship, Caring, and Compassion
    Story: Beatrix Potter
    Parent Reflection: Let Animals Help Us Share Our Parting Gifts, by Pat Kahn
  • Winter 2011 (PDF, 4 pages)Resilient Together in Tough Times
    Story: The Fowler and the Quail
    Parent Reflection: Talking about Money Problems
  • Fall 2011 (PDF, 4 pages): The Power of Presence
    Story: A Riddle for Ralph Waldo Emerson—Give Love
    Parent Reflection: The Power of Presence
  • Summer 2011 (PDF, 4 pages): Ten Years after 9/11, Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and Interfaith Work
    Story: Building Bridges, Breaking Down Walls—First UU of Columbus, Ohio
    Parent Reflection: Ten Years Ago, Before I Was a Mother, by Susan Dana Lawrence
  • Spring 2011 (PDF, 4 pages): Living in Good Faith...with Technology
    Story: The Children and the Frogs
    Parent Reflection: Are We the Loneliest Nation on Earth?
  • Winter 2010 (PDF, 4 pages): Empowering UU Kids to Understand, Care, and Act
    Story: The Change the World Kids
    Parent Reflection: A Parent's Loving Choices Nurture a Child's Loving Power
  • Fall 2010 (PDF, 4 pages): O, Sparkling Web of Difference!
    Story: Indra's Web
    Parent Reflection: Beloved Community, A Dazzling Vision, by Marla Scharf
  • Summer 2010 (PDF, 4 pages): Water, Stewardship, and Justice
    Story: Pete Seeger and The Clearwater
    Parent Reflection: Meditation on Water
  • Spring 2010 (PDF, 4 pages): Recycle and Regenerate
    Story: Clara Barton—Resourceful Faith in Action
    Parent Reflection: Worms and Religious Education, by Gail Forsyth-Vail
  • Winter 2009 (PDF, 4 pages): Harvest the Wisdom of Our UU Sources
    Story: Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom
    Parent Reflection: Gandhi's Truth
  • Fall 2009 (PDF, 4 pages): Make Room to Be Together in Awe, Wonder and Spirit
    Story: For the Love of Stars: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
    Parent Reflection: A Private History of Awe
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Families insert in Winter 2017 UU World magazine - page 1

A Sanctuary Is More Than a Building (PDF)
Brave "conductors" of the Underground Railroad rowed African Americans across the Ohio River from enslavement in Kentucky toward freedom in the North and Canada. Read about different situations where people need sanctuary and how Unitarian Universalists of all ages can help.

A toddler laughs, mid air, as an adult lifts the toddler into the air.
UU World Families insert, Fall 2015, page 1

How to Be a Good Partner! (PDF)
In Fall, 2015 the Families insert traveled to Hawaii, the Philippines, and Transylvania for examples of Unitarian Universalists connecting across cultural and national boundaries to work with others to change the world.