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Staying Safe at Demonstrations

It is vital that children partake of civic engagement from an early age. However, parents and guardians often have safety concerns with regard to marches or rallies. While a public witness event can indeed be unpredictable, the rewards of participating with a child can be powerful and long-lasting. 

These links offer considerations and tips for doing public witness with children:

A December, 2016 article on the website discusses many "front lines" safety concerns, especially for babies and very young children, and advises how to prepare your kids for the sights, the sounds, and their safety at a march or rally.

"Tips on taking kids to San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade," June 23, 2017, and “Taking kids to the Women's March: Tips, tricks and ruminations,” January 20, 2017, both by Amy Graff, SFGATE 

"Activist Mama's Guide to Taking Kids to a March" on (January, 2017) offers detailed ideas for successful participation with every age of child.


At the Women's March in Charlotte, NC, January 21, 2017, a toddler sits atop her father's shoulders holding up a scribbled protest sign.

Read "Where Do 'Woke Babies' Come From?" by the Rev. Marisol Caballero.

The UU World Fall, 2016 Families insert is devoted to democracy. It has activities and stories to help you teach children why voting is an essential act of public witness.

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