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Four Phases of Environmental Justice Focus
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For candidate and accreditation status your congregation must plan and complete one environmental justice project. Before you attempt to identify your environmental justice action plan, it is important that your team use these the following tools or phases in pre-planning:  Review, Investigate, Conduct, and Consult (These are in addition to the congregation review which includes the energy assessment, etc)

Phase #1 Review 

Review all currently active justice ministries in your congregation and determine how they are or can connect with environmental justice/sustainability goals.  (Must submit review along with Green Sanctuary (GS) Action Plan.) This will help your team understand where seeds of multicultural partnerships may already exist in the life of your congregation; potentially a good place to start with your environmental justice project.

Review the four types of environmental justice projects.

Phase #2 Investigate

Complete an environmental justice analysis. We suggest you use the UU Ministry for Earth curriculum “Our Place in the Web of Life”. This curriculum will help your congregation understand how environmental injustice functions in your community, with the analysis being part of the curriculum. Consider doing this curriculum with as many of your team and congregational leadership as possible, as early in the process as possible. (Must Submit Analysis Along with GS Action Plan.)  

If you prefer not to use the UUMFE curriculum, you may choose to conduct an environmental justice analysis of what is happening in your community and how this connects with national and global issues. This could be done as a series of environmental justice tours, conversations and meetings in various neighborhoods with community groups, etc. 

(Must Submit Analysis Along with GS Action Plan.)  

Phase #3 Conduct

Conduct an environmental justice analysis of the impact of your congregation’s building (policies, operations, programs) on your local area, and the connections with national and international environmental justice issues.  

(Must submit along with your Congregational Policy and Program Audit.) 

PHASE #4 Consult

Share findings of #1, 2 and 3 with your congregation & congregational leaders in a consultative process.  Collectively determine how your congregation will move forward in crafting its one required environmental justice project.  

(Must explain process in GS Candidacy Application.)

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