Stage 1: Team Building and Congregational Education
Stage 1: Team Building and Congregational Education

Your congregation may express its desire to become a Green Sanctuary in a variety of ways. Usually, a small group of congregants immediately sees the connection between the program and the core values of Unitarian Universalism. They find out how the program works, and start organizing.

These first steps are very important. It’s true that Green Sanctuary work has the potential to be transformational, but success depends on everyone knowing about and supporting the process. Problems develop when a committed group of people gets too invested in the program, and gets too far ahead of everyone else.

The goals in this stage are:

  • Learning about the Green Sanctuary process and determining if it is a good fit for your congregation.
  • Establishing a team that will lead the work, inviting others to participate along the way.
  • Educating the entire congregation so everyone is aware of your faith community’s commitment.

This section details action stepsreflectionsresources, and a checklist.

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