Stage 4 Action Steps: Applying to be a Green Sanctuary Congregation pre 2030

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Preparing Your Application

The Green Sanctuary candidate application consists of three parts:

  • Congregation Information and Profile: basic information about your congregation.
  • Your Proposed Action Plan: a brief description of each project in your action plan.
  • Your Proposed Communications Plan: how you plan to engage your congregation and the wider community in your Green Sanctuary efforts.


If you cannot submit the form electronically, contact the Green Sanctuary Manager for alternate mailing instructions.

Questions? Contact the Green Sanctuary Manager at

Submitting Your Application

Before submitting the completed application, some teams ask their congregation to vote to apply for candidacy. This is not required, but it can be a way of gauging a congregation’s commitment and solidifying support. There is some risk in asking the congregation to vote at this stage, since a negative vote or a very weak positive vote can reflect hesitancy about the program or resistance to making a strong commitment. Anticipate the likely outcome and strategize accordingly. (Note: a vote is required before applying for final accreditation, after completion of the action plan.)

If you choose to ask for a vote before applying for candidacy, it’s a good idea to use general wording in the motion. You may need to adjust your plans as you move through the program, so less restrictive language leaves your options open.

Application Fees

Each congregation is asked to pay a one-time application fee of $100. Instructions for submitting the fee are on the application form.