Stage 3: Creating an Action Plan

Part of Green Sanctuary

The Green Sanctuary Action Plan is the compilation of twelve or more projects that will guide your congregation’s completion of the accreditation requirements.

Focus Area

Number of Projects

Additional Requirements

Environmental Justice

At least 1

See environmental justice checklist

Worship and Celebration

At least 3

At least one longer-term/ongoing

At least one related to environmental justice

Religious Education

At least 3

Two for different age groups within your congregation.

Can be multigenerational.

At least one related to environmental justice.

Sustainable Living

At least 4

At least one related to climate change.

At least one related to environmental justice.

The ideal action plan is a series of actions that will move your congregational culture towards a deeper environmental awareness grounded in UU values, sustainability, and justice. It’s also a a road map to help you strategize and check the logistics of your program elements.

If you find that some elements are no longer appropriate, simply adjust the plan as needed.

If you make a significant revision and are not sure whether the plan still meets the program requirements, contact the Green Sanctuary Manager at

This section includes reflections and available resources for this stage.