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Unitarian Universalists carry a Standing on the Side of Love banner at the September 2014 People's Climate March.
People's Climate March 2017
People's Climate March 2017
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Aly Tharp is on the Executive Team for Commit2Respond and Programs Coordinator for UU Ministry for Earth & UU Young Adults for Climate Justice; and Karen Brammer is UUA Green Sanctuary Manager.

Unitarian Universalists have committed to respond to the invitation of the Peoples Climate Movement to March for Climate, Justice, and Jobs on April 29th as part of the Faith contingent. The Unitarian Universalist Association, UU Service Committee, and UU Ministry for Earth have all signed on to be partner organizations for the Peoples Climate Movement. We encourage UUs to participate in the mobilization to Washington, D.C. or in a sister march in your own corner of the world.

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From Aly Tharp: One of the big reasons that I am participating in the Peoples Climate Movement is to create a special program for young adult faith activists with the UU College of Social Justice & UU Young Adults for Climate Justice, April 27-30th: GROW Climate Justice. This will be an opportunity for young adults to gain new skills and insights into activism, and to have a deeply moving and action packed experience at the Peoples Climate March and other surrounding events with peers and new friends.

From Karen Brammer: I hope, with all my heart that on April 29 thousands of UUs come to Washington D.C.  I yearn for a coherent UU response to climate injustice, and right after the PCM in Washington, DC there will be opportunities to build this united campaign. I believe it matters that we march; to impact government, and as faith community, to hone ourselves, and our Big Love for the world. It will be good to be together. 

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