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Printable Directory: Use Tips
Printable Directory: Use Tips

Printed copies of the directory are no longer mailed to congregations or available for purchase. The complete 2014 Professional Religious Leaders Directory (PDF, 270 pages). This file was created in March 2014, and subsequent updates found in the searchable directory are not included.

Search the PDF Directory

When the Directory PDF (above) is open in your browser or Acrobat Reader window, it can be searched.

  1. On your keyboard, hit the "F" button at the same time as the "Ctrl" button (on Windows) or the "Command" button (on Macs).
  2. Your cursor will be in a "page search" box (just above or below the page's content area, depending on your browser).
  3. Type in the name you are searching for, and highlighted search results will appear on the page.
  4. Use the navigation buttons next to the search box to move to the previous or next result for the word you entered.

Send Email to a Religious Leader

The email addresses of religious leaders have been obfuscated to protect privacy. To send email to a religious leader:

  1. Find the person's listing in the Directory (see above for search tips).
  2. Copy the "Email Contact Code" listed beneath their name.
  3. Go to our email forwarding site.
  4. Paste or type in the email contact code in the first box on our email forwarding form.

After you complete the rest of the form and hit the "Submit" button, the person you're trying to reach will receive your request to contact you.

If the religious leader does not have an "Email Contact Code" beneath their name, you can call the Unitarian Universalist Association's Ministry and Professional Leadership office at (617) 948-433 for contact information.

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