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Pacific Central District

The thirty-eight congregations of the Pacific Central District (PCD) extend from the deserts and mountains of northern Nevada, all the way across the ocean to the beaches and rain forests of Hawaii; it reaches up to the ancient redwoods of the northern California border, and down to the fertile farmlands of California's Central Valley.

4100 Redwood Road #344
Oakland, CA 94619-2363
(510) 530-1437
pcd [at] pcd-uua [dot] org

District President

  • Steve Burns
    sburns [at] uua [dot] org

Regional Lead

  • Rev. Nancy Bowen
    nbowen [at] uua [dot] org

Pacific Western Regional Staff

  • Rev. Debra Holder, Congregational Life Staff
    dholder [at] uua [dot] org
  • Rev. Dr. Ken Brown, Congregational Life Staff
    kbrown [at] uua [dot] org
  • Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams, Congregational Life Staff
    jadams [at] uua [dot] org
  • Janine Larsen, Congregational Life Staff
    jlarsen [at] uua [dot] org
  • Lori Ragona, Congregational Life Staff
    lragona [at] uua [dot] org
  • Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kwong, Congregational Life Staff
    jkwong [at] uua [dot] org
  • Rev. Jan Christian, Congregational Life Staff
    jchristian [at] uua [dot] org
  • Eric Bliss, Youth Ministry Specialist
    ebliss [at] uua [dot] org

Pacific Western Regional Administrative Staff

  • Diane Brinson, Administrator, Pacific Northwest District
    administrator [at] pnwd [dot] org
  • Melanie Buck, Administrator, Mountain Desert District¬†
    mbuck [at] uua [dot] org
  • Sarah Fulton, Administrator, Pacific Southwest District
    pswd [at] aol [dot] com
  • Chuck Rosene, Administrator, Pacific Central District
    pcd [at] pcd-uua [dot] org

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