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Office of Data Services

Data Request Policy as of September 2015:

Mailing Addresses and Statistical Reports

  1. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) provides mailing lists of ministers and other professional leaders, staff members, and elected board members of congregations and district offices. Lists of individual congregation members are not available, except as described in 10 below.
  2. Organizations qualified to request lists include member congregations, "associate member" organizations, and "independent affiliate" organizations. See our Related Organizations page for an unofficial list of qualifying organizations.
  3. Requests from parties who are not from a qualifying organization must obtain sponsorship from one of those organizations. Sponsorship must be clearly indicated on the Data Request Form, and accompanying sponsorship documentation must be included with the request.
  4. Mailing information includes name and mailing address; email addresses of individuals are not available. The UUA offers no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the data, and refunds will not be made for data that is incorrect or incomplete. Requestors are responsible for resending returned mail at their own expense.
  5. The appropriate Data Request Form must be completed for each list or data request. Please allow a minimum of ten business days for your data request to be returned. All requests will be submitted to the UUA's Chief Operating Officer for approval.
  6. Please review specific restrictions and additional information for each Data Request type:

    1. Mailing Lists

      1. This data may be used only one time and for a specific purpose as stated on the Data Request Form.
      2. A copy of the materials that will be mailed must accompany each request to the requested data set. The Data Request will NOT be submitted for approval until the materials are received.
      3. Lists may be prepared in a variety of electronic formats (i.e. MS Word, MS Excel, csv, etc.) 
      4. Cost: Ten (10) cents per record (name or household) will be charged, with a minimum charge of $20 per order.
    2. Data Requests (Statistical Reports)

      1. Each request must be accompanied by a letter of intent and rationale explaining the use and benefit of the requested data.
      2. If you plan to share this information with the media, we ask that you please advise the UUA’s Office of Information and Public Witness of your intent to do so.
      3. Cost: $25 per half hour service fee, with a minimum service fee of $25.
      4. Active Congregation History Reports are available to congregations free of charge, and must be requested by a member of the congregation's elected board and staff. They are typically distributed as a pdf attachment to an email. This report includes the congregation's statistical information collected for the UUA Directory (membership number, RE enrollment, pledging units, pledge income and total expenditures, Annual Program Fund contribution).
  7. After the request is approved, the Office of Data Services will contact the requestor to confirm order details.
  8.  UUA Districts, UU seminaries, and related organizations listed as “Professional Organizations” on the UUA website are exempt from list production and service charges under the cost section for each Data Request type. If more than one request is made per calendar year, charges may apply.
  9. Announced Candidates for president, moderator, and financial advisor may receive, electronically and free of charge, mailing lists for ministers, other Unitarian Universalist leaders and religious professionals, congregations, regions, and districts. Requests should go to data_services [at] uua [dot] org with a copy to ITdirector [at] uua [dot] org. To receive names and addresses of individual congregation members, each congregation involved must give written permission. The generic email addresses of approximately 1,000 congregations (not individuals) as published on are available as a csv file. Those addresses are not verified or guaranteed by the UUA.
  10. Lists of individual congregation members are available only to the Regional and District Offices with which those congregations are associated, or to qualifying organizations (as described in section 2 above) that have received written permission from the congregations whose members are being requested. If Regions and Districts are subsequently notified by individuals or households that they do not wish to receive mailings in the future, the requestor shall notify the office of Data Services via email at data_services [at] uua [dot] org. Aggregating multiple removal requests into a single email would be greatly appreciated.
  11. We provide mailing address information based on standard First-Class mailing criteria which the Post Office handles with fewer restrictions. We currently do not use Bulk mailing as the standard. We ask that requestors forward returned mail addresses to our office: Data Services/Undeliverable, 24 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210-1297.

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