Our Most Popular Email Lists, Topically Sorted
Our Most Popular Email Lists, Topically Sorted

This list is not comprehensive; it simply includes our most popular and active email lists. Browse all UUA.org lists.

Beliefs & Principles

Are My Beliefs Welcome?

  • CUUPS-L: announcement list for the Covenant of UU Pagans
  • Humanists: forum for friends of religious humanism
  • UUCF-Bible: biblical conversation, study, and spirituality, sponsored by the UU Christian Fellowship (UUCF)
  • UUTheology: discussion on UU theology


  • UUHS-Chat: discussion of UU history and historical research

Social Justice

Environmental Justice

  • EthicalEating-Network: for discussing the "Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice," the UUA Statement of Conscience
  • GlobalWarming: to help UUs share technical information about the causes and implications of global warming so we can develop appropriate strategies for individuals and congregations to combat its dangers
  • GreenSanctuary: for individuals and congregations who are interested in or engaged in the Green Sanctuary Program


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns

  • BGILT-News: bisexual, gay, intersex, lesbian, transgender, etc. news postings
  • Interweave-D: discussions of interest to Interweave members and friends


  • Antiracist-UU: to encourage dialog and sharing of information about racism and its elimination in an environment of mutual respect while upholding UU principles and purposes


  • UU-SpeakingPeace: network of UUs interested in Nonviolent Communication and other interpersonal peacemaking approaches
  • UUJME-Discuss: members/supporters of UUs for Justice in the Middle East (UUJME) discuss issues in support of UUJME's mission, purposes, and goals

Congregational Management

Church Office

  • Church-Admin-UU: a forum for administrators to discuss church administrative issues
  • ChurchMgmtSoftware: for discussion around the selection and use of church management software for membership, contributions and finances for Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations


  • PR-L: discussing the topic of sharing the good news about Unitarian Universalism
  • Websters: for congregational or other UU web editors, designers, and programmers

Disability & Accessibility

  • Access-L: discussion about accessibility; ability and disability issues; ableism


  • UU-Money: information sharing among society finance leaders


  • UU-Leaders: sharing information & support among UU lay leaders

Growing Your Membership

  • SmallTalk: a support list for small congregations (less than 150 members) where ministers, religious educators, musicians, other staff, lay leaders and members can discuss the joys and challenges of life in the small congregation
  • SmallTalkNewsletter: a newsletter devoted to strengthening the small UU congregation through informative articles, resources, and good ideas
  • Lists for Large Congregations: general discussion lists, lists for professional staff, and announcement lists relevant to leaders and members of large congregations (550 or more adult members)

Member Support & Caring

  • Addictions-Ministry: for discussion of Addiction Ministry efforts and accomplishments within our denomination
  • UU-Community: a moderated electronic forum for UUs
  • UUWF-L: a list of the UU Women's Federation (UUWF), which advocates for and celebrates UU women


  • Worship-L: to help each other with all aspects of preparing for and presenting successful worship services

Religious Education

Religious Educators & Teachers

  • LREDA-L: for Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) members only; an anti-racist, welcoming professional organization of liberal religious educators and those supportive of religious education
  • Reach-L: discussion and sharing of Unitarian Universalist Religious Education

Youth and Young Adults

  • Advisor-L:┬ádiscussion list for youth advisors to ask questions and share best practices about working with youth
  • PYMS-L:┬ádiscussion list for paid youth ministry staff to ask questions and share best practices about youth ministry
  • YACM-Leaders: discussion, resources and updates on young adult and campus ministry


  • UU-Parenting: UUs discussing parenting experiences and issues


  • Adult-RE: discussion of UU adult religious education programs

Careers & Callings


  • Interim-Guild: the communications forum of accredited interim ministers of the UUA
  • UUCF-Min: UU Christian ministers
  • UUMA-Chat: confidential discussions among UU Ministers Association (UUMA) members
  • UUMA-News: low-volume list: notes to UUMA members


  • UUMN-L: discussion list for members of the Unitarian Univeralist Musicians Network

Our Association


  • UUA News Alerts: sign up to receive Email alerts from the UUA.
  • UUA-Updates: news of the UUA, its board, staff, and committees, with links to information on UUA.org
  • UUWorldWeekly: headlines from uuworld.org

For more information contact web@uua.org.

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