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Email Lists and Forums Not Sponsored by the UUA
Email Lists and Forums Not Sponsored by the UUA

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) of Congregations reserves the right to offer information on non-UUA-sponsored lists at its discretion. The UUA is not responsible for the content or management of these lists.

Want to create a non-sponsored list? These links are provided as a courtesy for our users; the UUA does not specifically endorse any of the companies listed.

Discussion Forums

Email Lists


Covenant Group News
A free monthly email update on small group ministry and covenant groups.

Faith of the Free
A Yahoo group devoted to the celebration of Unitarian Universalism, its grand heritage and (arguably) its vital importance to the future of this ever-shrinking, faster-moving, deeply troubled world.

Homestead in the Palisades, a UU Camp near New York City 1957-1981. All former campers, staff, and friends welcome. Post a note, view or add pictures, share some memories.

For UUs who stand political left of center and desire a free flowing discussion of politics and social change and its relationship to spirituality.

Unitarian Universalist Campers is a group for all UUs and friends who like to camp—whether with tents or RVs. We want the group to be a resource for information on interesting places to visit and a resource for UUs to get together to camp.

UU Newswire
A friendly newsletter (previously known as "UU News" and "UU Cafe") for the online UU community, concentrating on regular updates of news involving UUs.

There are Christians who won't date Jews, Jews who won't date Buddhists, etc., but Unitarians recognize that beauty and truth can be found in many, if not all, religions. This club is to help the religiously open-minded who are interested in relationships to meet each other.

UUSingles Too
This is a group of Unitarian Universalist singles. It is a place to come and share your life and experiences with other Unitarian Universalists. It is not a dating site, but a place for single UUs to meet and discuss life.

UUs Discussion "The UU's List." Free-wheeling and occasionally contentious discussions: a UU coffee hour that never ends!


The purpose of this list is for Unitarian Universalist newcomers who have graduated or are about to graduate from the newcomers list, and would like to continue to talk to other people who have not been established in the UU faith for a long time. Membership is open to all, but participation in the UUA Newcomers list is recommended as a prerequisite for this list.


Larger Faith
The fascinating roots and the continuing evolution of our religion is celebrated on this list with a goal of "building bridges" to bring people together instead of erecting artificial walls to (try to) divide us. Progressive Universalism is about the religious pursuit of unity instead of uniformity.

Transhumanist Unitarian Universalist Network (TUUN)
Transhumanism can be viewed as an extension of humanism, from which it is partially derived. Humanists believe that humans matter, that individuals matter. We might not be perfect, but we can make things better by promoting rational thinking, freedom, tolerance, democracy, and concern for our fellow human beings.

Created March 1997, the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship list members discuss theology, faith and its practice, current affairs, and Unitarian Universalist matters. It has an open membership.

UU Pantheists
This group is provided by the World Pantheist Movement for Unitarian Universalists for whom the primary focus is Nature and the wider Universe rather than supernatural beings. The aim is to discuss pantheism, UUism, and how pantheism might be offered within UUism as one of the diverse UU paths of belief, e.g., through local groups, courses, services, literature etc. Pantheism is in harmony with the seven principles.


Lists for localized groups based on UUA District.

biffbiffbambam—Young Adults (ages 18-35)
Welcome back to LRY and YRUU. This is the Pacific Southwest District Liberal Religious Youth and Young Religious UUs site! All alumni Pacific Southwest lry'ers and yruu'ers from any era are invited to reconnect, post pics, reminisce, search for friends, organize a mini-con, rap, or whatever.

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Concerns Committee and Joseph Priestly District Interweave Chapter offer this email list for people from different congregations in the District (Maryland, Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, southwest New Jersey and northern Virginia) and their friends and allies.

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