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Manager Guide: Enabling / Disabling Mail Delivery

If your list starts receiving a lot of "Out of Office" automatic replies from a particular person, you should probably disable delivery to their address until they return from their absense.

To disable mail delivery to a member of your list, go to ("Membership Management...") and find the member's email address in the alphabetical listings. Check the "nomail" box for that member, then click the "Submit Your Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

Send a note to that person explaining what you've done, and include a link to, where they can find instructions to re-enable mail delivery (or invite them to contact you, and you can simply uncheck the "nomail" box for them).

If you are trying to re-enable mail delivery, and the user's "nomail" box is already checked, note the reason. If the box includes a [U] then the account was set to "nomail" manually, either by the user or a list manager, and unchecking the box will solve the problem. If the reason is [?], uncheck the "nomail" box and click the "Submit Your Changes" button, and contact web [at] uua [dot] org if the problem persists.  Addresses marked [B] are usually invalid; see the "Bounce action notification" section for more information.

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