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Manager Guide: List Members
Manager Guide: List Members

Please note: many of the web and email addresses on this page include the placeholder text "listname" which must be replaced with the actual name of the list in question. You may also search for links to your list's main administration page. is the home page for "Membership Management..."

See sample member records for line-by-line descriptions of what you'll see on your membership management pages.

Getting a List of Subscribers

Send an email to listname-request [at] lists [dot] uua [dot] org (i.e. uumn-l-request [at] lists [dot] uua [dot] org) with the subject line "who password" where password is your manager password for the list. Do not include the quotation marks. The email must be sent from the address you have registered as the manager's email address. The rest of the message must be entirely blank. You should receive a response with a text list of all your subscribers.

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