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Notes on List Conflict Policies
Notes on List Conflict Policies
Communication, Change & Conflict

In occasional circumstances, the Web Team may withhold the name of the person making a complaint. However, the Web Team will not consider completely anonymous complaints or complaints by third parties. The Web Team will not discuss list disputes with third parties.

If the list manager or moderator refuses to implement the plan formulated to address a complaint, the Web Team may remove him or her from his/her list position.

All private list-related email from a subscriber to a manager or moderator may be shared with the Web Team. All private list-related email from a manager or moderator to a subscriber may be forwarded by private email to the list's managers, subscribers, or Web Team at the discretion of the recipient.

Passed by the ECC October 31, 2000, reviewed by the UUA Board of Trustees, January 2001, revised by the OEC January 2004 and again August 2006. "OEC" replaced by "Web Team" November 2010.

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