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UUA Monthly Newsletter

Every member congregation receives the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) monthly newsletter with stories about, and resources to engage with what's happening in Unitarian Universalism in a given month. Each email includes a message from UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray with timely thoughts from her on what's moving at the Association. 

This monthly message is intended to be shared with congregation members and leaders in whatever ways the congregation chooses. We hope you'll forward the email widely, share the links and content on your own communications platforms, and let us know how you are using this revamped monthly resource.  

Currently, this is a membership-based email with no subscribe or unsubscribe options. Stay tuned for additional ways to receive and share this monthly content. In the meantime, bookmark this page and share it with others to access each month's message.

Email Message Archive

  • March 2019: GA 2019 News, Strengthening Solidarity, and Inclusion Resources for Your Congregation 
  • April 2019: How Do Unitarian Universalists Celebrate Earth Day?

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