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Make Page Titles Accurate & Precise for Search Engine Optimization

Each page on your site should have exactly one title, and it should go in TITLE field.

The first 11 characters of each title ought to give a hint about the page content, so that when people scan past it among a lot of other titles (in a search results page, for example), it's immediately obvious what the page is about.

Front-loading important words will also help users: the top of their browser's screen displays the beginning of the title for each page they have open. If they decide to bookmark your page, a short & meaningful title will help them avoid unnecessary editing on your behalf.

Keep your titles as short as you can while keeping meaning: shorter titles are easier for people to scan, and longer titles will get cut off in search engine results anyway.

You can check a site's page titles and meta description tags (if present) in Google with the "site:" option. That's the word "site", a colon, and the domain, e.g.