Embeddable Social Media Content for Your Website
Communication, Websites

Content that updates itself! Use social media plug-ins to provide content from frequently-updated sources.

  • Add a Facebook Page Plugin. To show the UUA page, enter "https://www.facebook.com/TheUUA" in the "Page URL" box. Adjust the other settings as you like, and then click the "Get Code" button for the HTML to plug into your site.
  • Add a Twitter Feed. To show the UUA's Tweets, create a new widget and enter "uua" in the "Username" box. Adjust the preferences and appearance as you like, and click the "Create Widget" button to get HTML for your page.
  • Add the UUA RSS Feed. Show "UUA Top Stories" on your site in text or through banner images.

For more information contact web@uua.org.

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