Using Email Addresses on

Include an Email Address for Contacts

Whenever contact information is included on a web page, a corresponding email address should also be provided.

Personal Email or Email Alias?

The Web Team can, upon request, set up an email alias so that staff members or members of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees can respond to messages more quickly. An email alias can be tied to more than one account which allows multiple people to read and respond to a query. It also allows web content to be more accurate; if an employee leaves the organization it is easier to update one email alias than to search for and replace every personal email address on the site. Email Addresses

Email addresses (with "mailto" links) can be entered into our website as long as we have permission to publish the address. A mailto link uses the form:

Email Links Look Like Email Addresses

Since "mailto" links may cause additional software to open on your user's computer, netiquette suggests the user should be warned about the nature of the link. Due to the way our email harvest protection works (see below), email links will automatically look like email addresses when a page is published to

Email Harvest Protection

Our email obfuscation system automatically replaces any "mailto" links with an encoded version of the email address (it looks like a regular email address with some extra spaces around the "@" symbol). People can still click on the link to send an email, but the address is protected from email harvesting programs (this measure helps prevent spam).