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Google Analytics: An Introduction

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) uses Google Analytics to track traffic (anonymously) to and through our websites....

Google Analytics: An Introduction

We monitor the use of our site closely, so we can make informed decisions about improvements to our usability and design. We use Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, surveys, feedback forms, and other tools to help us understand how well our site works for you.

  • Roughly 64% of the visitors to our site are new to
  • Our most popular page (after our home page) is the page about our faith, accounting for about 4% of all our page views.
  • The Beliefs & Principles area of our site accounts for over 16% of our total traffic.
  • The next most popular area is the Tapestry of Faith curricula, drawing almost 15% of our page views.
  • Web search engines account for about 66% of our traffic. About 15% of visitors come directly to our site, over 10% from social media, and 6% by referral (link).
  • Our visitors are using the following browsers/operating systems:
  1. Chrome  / Windows (23.26%)
  2. Safari  / iOS (21.03%)
  3. Chrome  / Android (12.44%)
  4. Safari  / Macintosh (8.14%)
  5. Chrome  / Macintosh (7.32%)
  6. Firefox / Windows (5.48%)
  7. Internet Explorer / Windows (4.99%)
  8. Safari (in-app) / iOS (4.19%)
  9. Edge  / Windows (2.87%)
  10. Firefox / Macintosh (2.09%)
  • Mobile devices account for almost half of our traffic, a percentage that increases every year.

Updated April 2017.