Acknowledgments for the Website

This site hosts over 1,000,000 visitors every year and consists of over 30,000 pages, images, documents, and videos. Dozens of hard working technology professionals maintain the technology and content of the site, along with the entire UUA staff. Special thanks go to:

  • Marchaé Grair, UUA Outreach Director
  • Anna Bethea, UUA Outreach Associate for Digital Ministries
  • Kasey Kruser, UUA Web Developer (and styles guru)
  • Julie Albanese, UUA Web Production Specialist
  • Margy Levine Young, UUA Web Team Manager
  • Ben Stallings, Interdependent Web, content migration
  • Jenn Schlick, 2017 home page design
  • CoLab Cooperative, Drupal configuration and programming
  •, Drupal website hosting
  • Proverb, LLC, brand design
UUA Outreach Director Carey McDonald shows off the new

Carey McDonald, who was then the UUA Outreach Director, shows off the new in February 2015.

UUA President Peter Morales introduces the new