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Choosing Administrators for Your Congregation’s Facebook Page

A common question from congregational leaders about Facebook is how to choose administrators for Facebook Pages. Below are some tips to help your congregation make decisions about page administration.

Please note that this information assumes that a congregation has already made two important decisions:

  1. You have agreed as a congregation to establish your own page.
  2. All potential administrators have been authorized by the congregation to serve in this capacity.

Important Considerations in Selecting Facebook Page Administrators

The person who creates the page will automatically be an administrator.

  • This person can then select others to serve as administrators. Once someone is an administrator, she or he can also add new administrators.

There should always be more than one person serving as an administrator.

  • Choose at least three trustworthy people in the congregation to serve as page administrators, even if all three are not actively involved in day-to-day management of the page.
  • Having multiple administrators helps you ensure the steady posting of content. Facebook Pages with regularly updated content are more successful.

Administrators should consider posting both as the organization and as an individual person. 

  • This personalizes your page and helps stimulate engagement.
  • For example, if the page administrator is the minister and they want to announce an upcoming coffeehouse, do this as "The Unitarian Universalist (UU) Congregation in Happyville."
    • Then the minister can switch to their individual account and comment on the post, saying, for example, "I'm looking forward to the upcoming coffeehouse and hope to see you there!"
  • This comment would be confusing coming from “The UU Congregation in Happyville.”
  • Knowing that the minister will be going to the coffeehouse event may also encourage others to attend while helping folks learn about their minister's activities and interests.

These tips are based on the questions most frequently asked by congregations. To explore a wider range of technical issues related to page administration, visit the Facebook Help Center.

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