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Facebook Dos and Don'ts for Congregations

Establishing a Presence

Do consider the differences between a "Page" and a "Group" before creating one or the other. We suggest that congregations create a page for their institutional Facebook presence.

Do make sure that more than one person has administrative access to your Facebook Page.

Do add a Facebook button to your congregation's website home page.

Managing Page Content

Do upload an image for your Facebook profile picture. Select an image that is representative of your congregation and recognizable at a small size.

Do upload a different image for your Facebook cover, keeping in mind Facebook's guidelines for what can be included in a cover.

Do treat your page as a public document. Visitors as well as congregants will see it, so offer content that is relevant to both groups.

Do include your congregation's contact information, worship service times, and website address in the About section of your page.

Don't post private information on your Facebook Page. A good rule of thumb for this is, 'If you wouldn't post it on your congregation's website, don't post it on Facebook.'

Do take advantage of the administrative features, by answering questions posted on your wall, creating events and milestones, uploading videos, etc.

Don't clutter your wall with excessive or irrelevant content. And don't install applications unless they are necessary and you know that they are free of viruses and malware.

Encouraging Participation and Creating a Safe Space

Do tell congregants about your Facebook Page and encourage them to find you on Facebook and "like" your page.

Do add new content and respond to questions regularly, so that visitors know your congregation is active.

Do encourage fans to participate by writing on your wall, uploading photos, and most importantly, liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts.

Do try to personalize your offering by posting both as the page and as an individual person.

Don't upload photos of children without permission from their guardian(s).

Don't allow threatening or offensive content to remain on your wall. Do consider reporting such content to Facebook. Sample content moderation disclaimers are available for Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Do learn more about privacy, security, page administration, and other issues at the Facebook Help Center.

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