How the UUA Runs Online Meetings and Webinars
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Here are some combinations of hardware, software, and services that the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has used.

Staff Meetings

For the UUA’s month’s staff meetings, we use a high-end ($3,000) video camera and microphone, a projector in the meeting room, and AnyMeeting. Staffers can chat in a chat box. An assistant from the Information technology Services staff group monitors the chat and reads questions and comments from off-site staff. Occasionally, off-site staffers make presentations; ITS can make anyone a presenter. If people plan to show Powerpoints or videos, these are uploaded to AnyMeeting before the meeting, because the quality is much better than streaming them live from the computer in the meeting room.

—James Curran, Information Technology Services

Meetings in Greeley Library, 25 Beacon Street

We created a videoconferencing cart with computer, large screen, and high-quality webcam for our large conference room. Anyone can start up the computer, log into AnyMeeting, and hold a conference. See Creating a Videoconference Cart for Your Church, from, for more information.

—James Curran, Information Technology Services

Central East Regional Group (CERG) Webinars

We use the Pro version of FUZE for both web meetings and webinars. It has been a fairly stable platform across Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. For web meetings we can see each other, share our screens, and “draw” on the screen with the whiteboard function. For webinars, we can preload Powerpoint presentations and video. The presenter(s) can be on screen along with the slides  We can also record, download and upload our webinars to YouTube with minimal editing. Here is a sample webinar.

—Renee Ruchotztke, CERG

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