Spreading UUism Using New Media
Spreading UUism Using New Media
Communication, General Assembly

Presented by Rev. Dan Harper and Peter Bowden (announced)

Dan Harper began by announcing that Peter Bowden, while an active part of developing the presentation, could not be present, and then—demonstrating the use of new media’s value—announced that the text of his (Harper’s) presentation was already available on his own blog, Harper having timed the text to appear on the blog, Spreading Unitarian Universalism Using New Media, during the time he was speaking.

Outlining such "new media" technologies as blogging, music (with cautions about copyright), web pages, email lists, and conventional video, Harper moved to telling the story of his own congregation’s use of new media to help younger people find and explore their community.

Harper also gave a demonstration of video blogging (encouraging others to try to outdo the quality of his own efforts), asking for volunteers to give an "elevator speech" explaining Unitarian Universalism briefly. He taped four volunteers, and though he likely didn’t plan on having two of the tapings fail the first time, through his calm recovery in good humor he communicated how easy the process can be. Those examples are also posted at his blog.

Harper then noted a number of ways to incorporate existing resources, like using the Unitarian Universalist Association’s "Voices of a Liberal Faith" video either as giveaways to visitors at church or as an embedded video on the church’s website. Commenting on existing blogs and identifying oneself as a Unitarian Universalist were among the suggestions.

In the question period, Harper asked that people submit their questions in writing so that he could give "longer, more thoughtful" answers later. Comments and responses ranged from privacy issues to use of congregation email lists for weekly "news blasts" to questions on or suggestions of specific technologies, including the Flip video camera and video software provided with most computers sold today (Windows Media Maker and iMovie, for example).

Reported by Jone Johnson Lewis; edited by Dana Dwinell-Yardley

For more information contact web@uua.org.

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