General Questions about using the UUA WP Theme
By uuawebteam
I run the web site for our church - - I tried to install the theme and the plugins required.  The UUA Services plugin did not install.  I also tried importing the content sample, but this did not work very well, as it created many pages that don't apply to our site.     I do like the look of this theme, but it may be overkill for our small church.  I also do not have a lot of time to configure this.  I was wondering what other small churches have encountered in using this theme, and if you were able to implement the theme.   Any help or ideas welcomed!

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sarah 4 years 4 months ago

Several small congregations have used the Theme successfully. Check out our Example Sites - the East Liberty, MI and Hollywood, FL congregations are small, and others on the list may be small as well. 
You can easily delete the pages you do not wish to have on your site by clicking on Pages in the administrative dashboard, then selecting the ones you wish to delete, and choosing Move to Trash under "Bulk Actions" at the top of the list. The sample content gives you menus, which does save you time even if you delete pages and reconfigure.
As for the Services plugin not installing... Did you get a particular error message? If you search in this forum on that error message it could lead you to the answer. Good luck!

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