CER Online Youth Programs

This year poses both barriers and new opportunities to youth programs. We're working with youth leaders and adults from CER and beyond to create online spaces for Youth to connect and grow during this time. Using the UUA's Youth Safety Guidelines we're striving to offer and amplify healthy, inclusive and faithful online places for youth to socialize, learn and support each other.

Because of the nature and flexibility of online, expect to see more cross-regional and drop-in offerings. To connect with youth across the country, receive invites to youth-lead drop-in events and stay informed about other UU and UU-adjacent Youth opportunities we highly recommend all youth complete the 2022/2023 UUA National Youth Registration Form (found on the bottom of this page) and join the Young Unitarian Universalist Project. YUUP is a youth-designed, youth-lead community for High Schoolers in 9th-12th grades and people who graduated from high school in 2020. For more information about why we're including recently bridged youth in YUUP and a link to register as a recently bridged youth, see this blog post from Stevie Carmody, UUA Emerging Adult Ministries Associate. Once the registration process is complete you will receive an invitation to join the YUUP Network.

Additionally we hope that regional and area-specific youth offerings will emerge based on interest. For instance a congregation requested help with peer pastoral care training and now we have a three-part online Peer Pastoral Care workshop available to everyone in CER. Another congregation offered to host an online weekend CON for their area that CER staff was able to support. Your suggestions and enthusiasm matters! Please contact Shannon Harper (sharper@uua.org) if you have ideas for programs or want to help create one.

If you have registered for an online program and your youth or parent have not received an invitation from sign now to sign the permission form, please email Amy Kent (akent@uua.org) or download this generic form (PDF), print it, sign in, scan it and email it to akent@uua.org. Do not mail it, we will not receive it in time.

Online Opportunities

For online events, see the CER youth calendar and the UUA Youth and Young Adult Calendar.