Procedures for Clusters or Congregations Hosting Youth Events not sponsored by CER

Central East Region youth programming areas

For Congregations or clusters who wish to host a youth event not sponsored by the Central East Region

At least 3 months in advance but preferably as soon as you know you want to hold an event

At least 3 months in advance check the CER calendar for conflicts. If the date is open, then please contact your youth staff member to talk to them about your desire to host an event on your date. Also confirm your date with your congregation and get it on their calendar.

Once the date and location are set

Start planning for the event with the appropriate folks.

  • Talk with the appropriate leaders in your congregation to ensure that everyone is on board with hosting this event. Make sure you have enough people to assist with food preparation, programming and supervision.

  • Estimate the costs for the event so you can set a price. Consider the amount per person for food costs, any supplies needed for programming, any other supplies you might need for the event. If you are going to sell t-shirts, consider that cost as well. If you need assistance with this, please contact your youth staff for the region.

  • Consider if you will be leaving the host site for any reason during the event. If so, this will require additional permission form information and has to be part of your advertising. You’ll need to know where you are going, what you will be doing there and the date and time you will be away from the host church.

  • Ask your congregational administrator, treasurer or bookkeeper your payment options. Money must be collected by the congregation, expenses must be paid by the congregation. You need to determine if payments are cash or check only, or if you can accept credit cards as well. You also need to know who to have any checks made out to.

  • Figure out how many youth and adults will be permitted to attend. This includes ensure there is enough space for youth to sleep on the floor with space around them.

  • Read the CER Safety policies. In order to be listed on the CER website and calendar, you must adhere to all CER Safety policies and procedures.

  • Check the sample permission form and create a permission form for your event to be submitted with your event request.

Once you have completed your initial planning: (at least 2 months before your event)

  • Submit your request on this form. One adult must authorize the event stating they will accept responsibility for making sure all the safety policies will be followed. Be sure to attach your permission form you created to the electronic form.

  • Once this is submitted we will start the process of creating registration forms, webpages and calendar entries. We’ll be in touch with questions.

  • Once the registration forms and webpage is made live, we’ll send you a link so you can see the report of who has registered in real time.

During Registration

You’ll need to monitor the google doc for DRE approvals and make sure the adults attending are approved to attend events. Anyone who isn’t you’ll need to follow up with. Once registration closes, you’ll need to do final follow-ups to ensure everyone who is attending is approved.

Direct questions to the CER youth staff: Evin Carvill-Ziemer at or Shannon Harper at