Upstate New York Youth Adult Committee

The Upstate New York Youth Adult Committee serves youth in congregation in the state of New York outside of the metropolitan area of New York City. Host congregations plan youth cons with the support from the YAC.

Cons run by this group are coded with UNY in the title.

The current members are listed below. Elections are held at the last con of the year.

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All youth who have attended a youth con are welcome at YAC meetings. We encourage interested and supportive adults to attend as well! YAC meetings are listed on the CER calendar.

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Central East Region youth programming areas

For a list of events in the Upstate New York Area, click here.

  • RE-UUp: Conversations on Re-opening for Religious Education Programs (August 6)


    From Southern Region
    As many of you undoubtedly have returned or are preparing to return to in-person church (and understandably, others are waiting), we’re pleased to invit...
  • OWL Facilitator Training 7-9/10-12


    Location: First Universalist Church of Minneapolis Trainers: Hudson Nummerdor and Melissa McQueen-Simmons Contact: Claire Tralle,
    Minneapolis, MN
  • OWL Facilitator Training K-1/4-6


    Location: First Universalist Church of Minneapolis Trainers: Cedric Harmon and Sandra Greenfield Contact: Claire Tralle,, (612)...
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Hiroshima Day


    Find resources to honor the yearly anniversary of Hiroshima Day, commemorating the date in 1945 when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the cit...
  • Future Change Framework Workshop


    From MidAmerica Events
    Ian Burbidge will work collaboratively with participants to surface challenges and opportunities via the RSA’s Future Change Framework.

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