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Link2Lead Introduction

Learn how Link2Lead can help your congregation.

Please note that this program will be ending on June 30, 2022.

Personalized for Your Congregation's Location and Community, Using Link2Lead.Com—a Demographics Product from Percept (the Leading Information Provider to Religious Organizations for over 25 Years).

This is a free benefit for CER member congregations.

  • Do you want a better picture of who is in your neighborhood?
  • Are you interested in providing ministry to your community, but not sure what the issues are?
  • Would you like to see a visible map of where your members live and how far they are from your location?

These are just some of the questions that can be answered through Link2Lead, a website for local congregational ministers and lay leaders. It is available free of charge to congregations in the Central East Region (CER). Through Link2Lead and its various programs, you have access to the latest information about your community, hands-on tools to better understand and develop your own capabilities and a variety of additional resources to assist you in leading your congregation into the new world of opportunities awaiting us in the 21st century. Link2Lead is easy to use, accessible 24 hours a day/seven days a week, and, yes, it is absolutely free. For marketing and ministry, planning and church planting, Link2Lead is the tool you need to make more meaningful connections with your community.

To get started or if you have any questions about any of the services provided through Link2Lead, contact Cristina Sanchis at

Review how to register instructions (PDF) for the Link2Lead program.

This document will help you determine how to Plan a Ministry Focus from Your Ministry Area Profile (PDF).