Guest in Your Pulpit - Rev. Craig Schwalenberg

Guest in Your Pulpit

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg lives in Oneonta, NY, but is currently serving as a full time interim minister for the Unitarian Universalists of Cumberland Valley in Boiling Springs, PA. He splits his time between PA and NY on a weekly basis.

I have 15+ years of preaching experience with 100+ sermons to choose from. During the pandemic I prepared weekly Zoom services.

My favorite one is "Moments of Bliss" which uses stories and vivid imagery to explore the powerful feeling of bliss that all people can and probably have experienced... and how that feeling might be encouraged. Another more recent favorite is “Building Resilience” which builds on my experience and training with UU Trauma Response Ministry and addresses how congregations can build resilience.

I usually ask the hosting congregation what message they would like to hear and see if I can find something that would fit.

You can contact Rev. Schalenberg at