Guest In Your Pulpit - Jo Mosher

Guest in Your Pulpit

jo mosher ( they / them / theirs) is a social justice activist, artist, teacher, speaker, musician, comic, writer, and filmmaker originally from the South. They are a nonbinary, genderfluid, transmasculine, pansexual Person of Color who was adopted into a white fundamentalist Christian family, and who had their life turned upside down when they came out as a young adult and were disowned. They survived coming out and living in the American South, and they have now also put themselves through two graduate degree programs - one in mass communication and one in interfaith bridge building for social change.

jo is a graduate of University of North Georgia (B.A.), University of Alabama (M.A.), and from Starr King School for the Ministry, the Unitarian Universalist seminary of the West Coast (M.A.S.C.) - which is part of the larger interfaith Graduate Theological Union of seminaries and other sacred places of religious training and study in Berkeley, Ca.

jo's Calling is to use all of these identities that they possess - and many more - to help change people's hearts and minds to be more tolerant, compassionate, and all-around Woke.

jo loves leading workshops, lectures, services, and musical experiences for diverse groups of people, and they have a special passion for working with people from white, conservative, and fundamentalist Christian backgrounds.

By using their own life story - full of comedic anecdotes, moving personal accounts, powerful prose and spoken word, spiritually charged songs, and accessible lecturing style - jo takes their listeners on a journey through the sociocultural and socioreligious state of America - with a focus on minority struggles and identities, queer and critical cultural theories of human communication, and the exciting continued evolution of spiritual and religious practices towards ever-increasing inclusion and tolerance for all people.

jo firmly believes the next evolutionary step for all religion is further Universalist recognition that all paths lead to the same Divine or Universal 'something' - but that the most pressing task at hand is for all humans to fight erasure and appropriation of minority religions - especially indigenous ones. jo's life has been a journey from the abusive nightmare of fundamentalist Christianity to the joyful liberation of Universalist spiritual agnosticism.

jo is excited to share their joy and hope for the future with you, regardless of your beliefs - so that you can be inspired to find and focus on your own inner joy, too - whatever that looks like for you.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • The 101s of Wokeness, for Well-Meaning White People
  • Gender and Race: Intersectional Identities in Today's America
  • From Abuse to Joy: My Deep South Journey from Fundamentalist Christianity, to Universalism

Other programs or services offered:

  • Congregational Music
  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Remote Life Coaching and Peer Support for Isolated Minorities
  • Sensitivity Readings for Novels and Other Manuscripts
  • Prose and Screenwriting Workshops Around Social Justice Topics

Availability: jo travels around the country and is open to discussing availability with your congregation

Fee arrangements: Whatever your congregation standard fee for presenters is, home hospitality may be requested dependingon distance.

Contact: Email jo mosher at