Guest In Your Pulpit - Ilene Corina

Guest in Your Pulpit

Ilene Corina, BCPA She / Her is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and nationally recognized speaker and educator on patient safety and patient advocacy.

Some topics for the Unitarian Universalist Congregations consist of:

  • The Effects of Bias in Health Care and What You Can Do
  • Activist Turned Advocate, A Journey Through the UU Community
  • Bringing the UU Community Together in a Time of Need
  • Weaving all 7 Principles into the Health Care System

Ilene became interested in patient safety following a personal experience and started a support group for survivors of medical injury in 1996 She has been teaching patient safety and the patient’s role to medical professionals throughout the United States and Canada, and traveled to Guam and Saudi Arabia to speak at their first patient safety conferences. She spent over ten years on the National Patient Safety Foundation Board and The Joint Commission Board as well as being involved in other boards and medical associations. The nonprofit organization she founded in 1996 — Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy — is staffed by volunteers whose focus is on working with patients and their families as advocates, teaching families to support each other.

She was a Fellow with the American Hospital Association/National Patient Safety Foundation Patient Safety Leadership Training in 2010, where she developed the Healthcare Equality Project, and she specializes in developing care partnerships and support services for vulnerable populations such as day laborers, homeless mothers, people with disabilities, patients with various diseases and people who are transgender.

Her specialty is pulling teams together to work with someone in need. Her report Critical Communication became a training program for Board Certified Patient Advocates, and Pulse has numerous training programs related to communication. Since COVID-19, Pulse runs three programs each month focused on training advocates, caregivers and people who use the healthcare system, to empower people with information. Her third book, Rants of a Patient Safety Advocate: Stories from the Bedside arose from her blog, Rants of a Patient Safety Advocate.

She specializes in unconscious bias, critical communication, support and advocacy. She has attended the South Nassau UU Congregation, Freeport, Long Island since 1986.

Learn more at her websites: Ilene Corina and Pulse Center for Patient Safety.

Availability: Within 60 miles of Wantagh, NY. Will travel further if travel is reimbursed.

Contact: Email Ilene Corina at