Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Robert Broesler

Guest in Your Pulpit

Rev. Robert Broesler is joyously married to Ms. Tracy Morgan, obnoxiously proud of his three sons, two step daughters and three grandchildren. He currently runs a Grief Counseling Practice. Originally trained and employed for eight years as a Individual, Marital and Facility Counselor, after Ordination he served four congregations, twice as Sr. Minister. He has learned to accept 35 years of recognition as a gifted preacher. Certified in Congregational Systems Theory. Eight year member of UU Society of Mill Creek, where he is honored by the endorsement of The Rev. Greg Pelly. He initiated an Adult RE program; ran two Stewardship Campaigns; regularly preach and teach; serve on Finance and Pastoral Care Committees.

Service and program offerings:

  • Preaching and leadership of Sunday services
  • I am open to options initiated by congregations for the provision of workshops on a multitude of topics from inter-faith dialogue to community organizing to congregational systems theory and practice.
  • Adult Education not simply for academic purposes but with an emphasis on creation of community around articulating personal spirituality and ideas.
  • Developing a Pastoral Care Team and Person-Centered Instruction for Lay Pastors. This is a discernment process and 8 hour training for the team.
  • Universalism: Reclaiming Jesus From the Religious Right and a Christian Orthodoxy, an adult RE program. Since at least 1980, the destructive way that Jesus of Nazareth has been “tied at the hip” to arch-conservative ethical, moral, economic and political theory has made not only religion but even spirituality suspect. The Unitarian Universalist tradition embraces an interfaith and/or atheistic metaphysics. It also has meaningful roots in the radical ethical and moral life and teachings of Jesus. With an increasing number of Unitarian Universalists entering from other mainline traditions, it is essential that congregants be freed from the pain associated with a distorted understanding of one of the greatest religious figures of western spiritual tradition. I have seen that “reclaiming Jesus” is, for a meaningful number of congregants, an experience of awakening, healing and personal affirmation.
  • The Humanity of Jesus of Nazareth: A Developmental Approach to his Life and Teachings. This course would employ the most accessible of the gospel stories, that of Mark. Participants would be asked to read the book in advance (an undertaking of about 75 minutes) with the workshop itself tracking the stories of and about Jesus as one of theological and personal development. The emphasis would be on the statement “Jesus only taught the people in Parables”. The book would be seen through the lens of three successive types of parables: Parables of the Kingdom; Parable of Grace; Parables of Judgment” (Based on the work of The Rev. Robert Ferrar Capon).
  • Presiding at funerals, especially for the young
  • On-Line Grief Companioning through established FaceBook group and one-on-one either in person or via internet.

Availability: Spring, Summer and Winter and preferably within 100 miles of Newark, DE.

Fee arrangements: According to UUMA guidelines.

Contact: Email Rev. Robert Broesler at