Guest In Your Pulpit - Richard Williams

Guest in Your Pulpit

Richard Williams the Director of UU Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (UUPLAN). He is aregistered architect. Richard has been a UU since birth and a member of his congregation since it was chartered in 1991. He was elected as an Independent to the Luzerne County Council in 2011 and served from 2012 until January 2018. He choose not to run for re-election. His thinking has evolved to include.... "Politics and religion mixed is the headiest cocktail ever invented"....Norah Bentinik

Services offered with a short description:

  • "What Now, What's Next?"....a sermon focusing on making the world more just and peaceful in simple steps. It's social justice focused but not particularly issue driven.

He can provide a "Time for All Ages", readings, benedictions and most of the components of a Sunday service.

After the service Richard can provide a concise workshop (20 minutes): "How to the Change the World in three simple steps and one slightly more complex step". It's a nuts and bolts discussion of how our faith might add to it's culture what the Tea Party, evangelical Christians and smart Republican did a few decades ago....getting seats at policy making tables.

Availability: Anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Fee arrangements: No charge.

Contact: Email Richard Williams at