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Guest In Your Pulpit - David Rolfe
Guest In Your Pulpit - David Rolfe

David Rolfe is a long time UU and was a worship associate at my congregation. He is a retired computer engineer. He has taught Emerson, Mathematics, and philosophy of mind courses at the Life Long Learning center at Bard College and has given a variety of sermons at various UUs in the area. He am a member of the Bertrand Russell Society and presented a paper at this years meeting. He often leads sessions at the Classics in Religion series at the Kinston NY library. Lately, he did a series called "Galaxies, and God in a science fiction universe".  He look forward to hearing from you and discovering your interests.

Availability: Within 100 miles of Kingston, NY

Contact: Email David Rolfe at david_rolfe [at] mac [dot] com

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