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Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Kate Rohde

Guest in Your Pulpit

Rev. Kate Rohde served our UU congregations around the continent for 34 years, half of that time at our congregation in West Chester where Ishe is minister emerita. She came into ministry at a time when there were very, very, few women, people of color, or out gay men serving in ministry. She is originally from Oregon and grew up as a Unitarian. During her career she entered and won three contests for sermons, and as a result of writing one on Anita Hill, she was asked to speak at a ceremony honoring her in the town in which she was living in Oklahoma. Rev. Rohde was involved in the sanctuary movement, civil rights issues, gay and lesbian rights issues, and reproductive freedom issues during her career, and since retirement has gotten involved in issues surrounding defending our democratic institutions. She loves reading fiction, history, and social psychology. She and her husband are avid theater goers and travelers. She is interested in language and volunteer teaching ESL and is working on her intermediate Spanish and beginning Norwegian. Rev. Rodhe is enjoying retirement but really misses preaching.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

Rev. Rohde can preach on most subjects: spirituality, social justice, UU history, a sermon on the amount, theology, everyday pastoral issues, thought pieces, etc.
A couple of favorite sermons are:

  • The Generosity of the Poor: about how my time living with peasants in El Salvador taught me generosity and my reflections on it.
  • Are We Still Searching for the Granfalloon?: About our tribal tendency to separate ourselves into fake groups.
  • The Man Who Had Three Wives: a history sermon about Unitarian Francis David paired with a reflection about the public and the private aspects of lives.

Additional Offerings: Rev. Rodhe can do workshops on applying family theory in congregations or one on shifting governance models to a more agenda setting and less detail oriented board. She will do funerals or memorial services in the greater Philadelphia area if they don't include a graveside service.

Availability: Within 3 hours of West Chester, PA.

Fee arrangements: According to UUMA guidelines.

Contact: Email Rev. Rohde at