Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Keith A Rasey

Rev. Keith A Rasey is a member at the UU Church of Akron, OH and lives in Medina, OH.

Sunday morning services: Rev. Rasey has given over 10,000 public presentations in over 25 years of ministry. He is happy to develop a custom presentation on any topic of burning concern for the congregation. Some topics he's done include:

  • What I Learned by Dying on Stage ~ A lighthearted look at adversity and resilience
  • What I Learned by Coaching Little League Baseball ~ Interconnected web of life - the liberation of giving up control.
  • What I Learned as Captian of the Debate Team ~ The Art and Practice of a Learning Organization: The fifth UU principle.
  • What I Learned in the Backfield ~ Peace advocacy and education: The sixth UU principle.

Availability: Prefers not to travel more than 60 miles.

Fee arrangements: According to Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) guidelines. Will need home hosptilaity on Saturday evening.

Contact: Email Rev. Keith Rasey at