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Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Rosemarie Newberry
Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Rosemarie Newberry

Rev. Rosemarie Newberry is a hospice chaplain and a chaplain for people with developmental disabilities. She has also worked as a parish minister. She provides workshops to congregations, districts, and also at General Assembly. Rev. Newberry does research at Meadville/Lombard on historical UU figures.

Service Descriptions: Rev. Rosemarie Newberry can provide a variety of worship services. She speaks on "UUism and Mysticism," the Rev. Jenkin Lloyd Jones (a Unitarian of the Western Conference of the 19th century), disabilities, eco-justice, end of life, holy days, congregational life, and many other topics. Expect your congregation to be moved, remembering the service for many years to come.

Availability: 100+ miles from Shrewsbury, NJ.

Contact: Email Rev. Newberry at rnewberry0320 [at] comcast [dot] net

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