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Guest in Your Pulpit - Bob Mulkins
Guest in Your Pulpit - Bob Mulkins

Bob Mulkins is a member of the Olmsted Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • The Blasphemous Rev. Kneeland—In 1833, Rev. Abner Kneeland was tried for Blasphemy in Boston. The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791, guaranteeing religious freedom in the United States, yet was it trumped by a local law written in colonial times. Join Bob Mulkins in exploring the life of Rev. Kneeland and the history of Blasphemy.
  • The Importance of Shangri-La—There has never been and will never be a Shangri-La, but why should that small fact diminish its importance?
  • The Pursuit of Happiness—What is happiness? What have the world's great thinkers said about it?
  • The Power and Story—A look at the life and work of Joseph Campbell and how myths, legends and tales contribute to the building and continuance of culture.
  • Einstein's God—How Einstein arrived at his personal belief system and the influences, both positive and negative from Spinoza to Niels Bohr to Hitler that most affected him.
  • Certitude, Faith and Doubt—What is purpose of doubt in religion? The short answer is that doubt plays an important role in all human endeavours and we ignore it at our peril.
  • Orthodoxy and Heresy—When a given religion moves from community to institution, when obedience to dogma becomes more important than covenant, the religion changes, never for the better.
  • Progressives In America—How have the various progressive movements from abolition to labor reform through the New Deal affected America and where would we be without them?
  • Spirituality—The late Astronomer and popularizer of science, Carl Sagan, claimed that science and spirituality compatable and that science is a strong source of spirituality. This talk explains why this speaker agrees with Dr. Sagan

Availability: Anytime within 150 miles of North Ridgeville, OH.

Fee arrangements: $100 per service, and home hospitality if distance requires or will need reimbursement for hotel.

Contact: Email Bob Mulkins at tompaine980 [at] yahoo [dot] com

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