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Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Anthony Johnson
Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Anthony Johnson

Rev. Anthony P. (Tony) Johnson, MDiv, MS, DMin, AIM is from Orange, NJ. He is both a parish and community minister, with extensive experience in community-based, multi-cultural and mult-ifaith organizations. If yours is a congregation in an economically and/or racially diverse setting, he can tailor a service and/or workshop to your needs. See Rev. Johnson's website for more information.

Service Titles:

  • Speaking UU to Others (service and/or workshop)
  • Ambitious Generosity
  • America Never Was a Christian Nation (But What If It Were?)
  • Can You Be a Humanist AND a Christian?
  • Healing with Truth
  • How a Universalist Connected Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln
  • Love and Addiction
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Talking about God
  • The Religion and Poetry of William Carlos Williams
  • Solidarity - Good Science, Good Religion, and Good Politics
  • Universalist Attitude!

Availability: Anywhere in the old Metro NY District or neighboring districts.

Contact: Email Rev. Johnson at apjohnson [at] uuma [dot] org

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