Guest In Your Pulpit - Melissa Jeter

Guest in Your Pulpit

Melissa Jeter is a Commissioned Lay Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Toledo. She is a deep thinker and passionate person. She currently work as a librarian where she focuses on programs that encourage civic engagement as well as financial literacy. She was born by the Ohio River Valley in southeastern Ohio. And when those steel mills in the Ohio Valley went bankrupt, her father took her and the rest of the family to Michigan, where he worked in professional jobs in the steel industry.

Though, she lived a comfortable life as a kid, as a young independent adult trying to find my own way, Melissa embraced learning first hand about poverty. She has worked in women’s shelters for battered women and women addicted to drugs. She has worked in a civil rights and community development organizations, listening to people tell her their stories about discrimination, subprime lending, desperation, and abuse and illnesses. She has walked the streets in poor neighborhoods and sat at the kitchen table of these neighbors and listened and learned. There is a lot that can be learned by listening to the needs that people have. She has been a community organizer, adjunct faculty at colleges teaching sociology, a researcher, and a published author.

And in the moments in between, Melissa sings, plays a guitar, knits, sews, gardens, and crafts her living so that it has meaning.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • What does a free faith require of you? This sermon is about the search for a mature faith and inquiry about the meaning of free.
  • She can also sing and play guitar as part of a service.

Availability: Speaking availability negotiable within 3 months notice within 200 miles of Toledo, OH.

Fee arrangements: According to UUMA guidelines. (see the main page for details)

Contact: Email Melissa Jeter at