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Guest In Your Pulpit - Frank Holstein
Guest In Your Pulpit - Frank Holstein

Frank Holstein is from Ewing, Mercer County, NJ. Known for high-quality and compelling sermons, homilies and reflections, I invite you to consult with Rev. Charles Stephens and Rev. Jennifer Brooks to confirm the merits of my spiritually-engaging presentations from the pulpit. Previously associated with the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood and the Central Unitarian Church of Paramus, I am now a multi-year member of the Washington Crossing Church where as Worship Committee Chair I worked with Rev. Stephens, and now as a Worship Associate with Rev. Brooks. I am experienced in the planning, presentation and team-work required for effective Services. Happy to furnish sample sermons on request.

Availability: Within 100 miles of Ewing, NJ.

Contact: Email Frank Holstein at flholstein [at] comcast [dot] net

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