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Guest In Your Pulpit - Sam Gugino
Guest In Your Pulpit - Sam Gugino

Sam Gugino is from Philadelphia, PA

Service Descriptions: The thought provoking topics I speak on, such as those listed below, and my approachable speaking style, create a lasting impact on listeners. For example, I don’t read my sermons. I talk to my audience. And, whenever possible, I step away from the pulpit and get closer to the congregation. That’s why I get so many compliments and offers for return visits. (Referrals upon request.)

  • We’re Not That Far Apart. Did you ever have two Jehovah’s Witnesses come to your door and think, “I have nothing in common with these folks”? I did. Then I came to realize I had much more in common with them (and many others) than I ever imagined.
  • The Art and Science of Happiness. The word happiness comes from “hap,” a Middle English word that means, “luck.” So, does happiness just “happen?” The Dali Lama says we can “achieve” happiness by training the mind.
  • Let Us Pray, or Not. Although almost half of Americans pray every day, prayer is not nearly as common among Unitarian Universalists. But does prayer really work? Or is it like a placebo, which works because we think it will work?
  • Last Rights. Americans are blessed with many rights. But one right, the last right, eludes us. That is the right to die when we want to, where, how and with whom.
  • View selected sermons at"Becoming an Atheist" by Sam Gugino"The Church of the New Millennium" by Sam Gugino, "Leading a More Compassionate Life" by Sam Gugino,  "Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?" by Sam Gugino 

Availability: Within 70 miles of Philadelphia. Willing to travel further with approrpriate travel/lodging compensation.

Contact: Email Sam Gugino at SAM [at] SAMGUGINO [dot] COM

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