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Guest In Your Pulpit - Richard Grzywinski
Guest In Your Pulpit - Richard Grzywinski

Richard Grzywinski is a member of the UU Congregation of the South Jersey Shore. In the last 10 years, he has been in the pulpit on 35 occasions at 6 different congregations speaking on various topics. He currently serves the UUCSJS as Worship Team Leader and Choir member. In the past, Richard has served on the Board, represented UUCSJS three times to General Assembly, as a volunteer he managed the construction of our "Green" building chaired the Social Justice Committee, and other duties. He attended Meadville-Lombard for one year. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, A Master of Engineering, and an MBA. Richard is a secular Buddhist and humanist.

Titles of programs/sermons: Mr Grzywinski is willing to address the topics of Love, Death as Spiritual Journey, Reverence, Our place in the Universe, The Sermon on the Mount, Wisdom, Animal Rights, Veganism and Spirituality, "Do we really matter?", and several others. If you have a topic or theme, he can prepare something.

Mr. Grzywinski is also willing to advise on building renovations and engineering, or new facilities.

Availability: Willing to travel spring, summer or fall any distance.

Fee arrangements: Whatever your standard congregational fee is.

Contact: Email Richard Grzywinski at richardgrzy [at] comcast [dot] net

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